1925: Tales From Silver Lands


Sally’s Rating: 1

Have you ever wondered how the hummingbird got its colorful feathers? How about why the rat ended up with its long, hairless tail? How lazy people evolved into monkeys? How a wicked wizard turned into an armadillo?

No? Well, neither have I.

Charles Finger’s Tales From Silver Lands is a collection of short folktales from Central and South America. While I normally appreciate mythology and fairy tales, this book was really dull. I can hardly remember the difference between most of the storylines.

My favorite short stories were “A Tale of Three Tails,” “The Humming-bird and the Flower,” “The Bad Wishers,” and “The Cat and the Dream Man.” I felt like these ones had fairly interesting narratives; most of the other ones had little dialogue and were easily forgotten.

This book would probably have been better if I hadn’t read all the stories at one time. As a result, they all kind of blended together. While it was certainly better than Hawe’s The Dark Frigate, I would not recommend this book to anyone except as a cure for insomnia.


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