1950’s Wrap-Up

We have finally made it to the end of the 1950’s. Due to life events (a move for Sally, a change in job duties for Laurinda) and the size of many of these books, it’s been a long slog. In previous decades, the majority of books got a “meh” rating, with many receiving 2.5 or 3s because the reviewers had no strong feelings about them either way. The 1950’s ratings were more polarized. We had 6 titles in the 1-2.5 range and 4 in the 3.5-5 range, with titles receiving an average rating of 2.5. Historical fiction was the dominant genre, with half the titles falling into that category.

Undisputed Worst of the 1950’s:
…And Now Miguel: Sheep put me to sleep, at least in this poorly realized novelization of a documentary

Honorable Mention in the Trash Category:
The Door in the Wall: Harping, in every sense of the word
Amos Fortune, Free Man: Emotionless narration. ‘Nuff said

Undisputed Winner of the 1950’s:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond: Love follows hardship

Honorable Mentions in the Treasure Category:
The Wheel on the School: Kids take the initiative on the stork project
Carry on, Mr. Bowditch: Brains trump brawn

Go forth and read!



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