1968 Honor: The Egypt Game

VERDICT: Treasure

Sally’s Rating: 3/5

The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder is an entertaining read that plays to a child’s overactive imagination and taps into an adult reader’s nostalgia for simpler times.

If you obsessed over Egyptian mythology as a child, this is the book for you. When April comes to live with her grandmother, she makes an unlikely friendship with her neighbor Melanie, and they begin to bond over their love of ancient Egypt. They  unintentionally recruit a group of kids to play in the backyard of an antique shop where they create their own Egyptian names, construct altars to gods for sacred ceremonies, and play around with hieroglyphics. But things begin to get mysterious when a murder happens nearby and the make-believe oracle they ask questions to begins to answer them back.

I found this to be a decent read. Children with active imaginations can easily relate to the main characters in this book and their adventures while adult readers will be nostalgic for their younger days when they could easily play pretend games all day.

Despite the fun plot, the book has an older style of language that may put off younger readers. The main characters converse in a more sophisticated way than how modern children their age would speak now. But, I will say that the book did a good job with having a very diverse cast of characters.

With an amusing story line and a varied cast of characters, The Egypt Game is for readers who enjoy Egyptian mythology and its ancient pantheon of captivating gods, but more likely the ones who will love it are those who once upon a time played make-believe games with the other kids in their neighborhoods who are looking for a way to reminisce.


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